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View our range of other products below. We take the utmost care to research all of our products to ensure they will enhance people’s lives to the utmost. If you have any questions about our products please get in touch via our contact page and we will reply back within a few hours. You can find the order button beside each item.

Zakti- mani

Zakti-mani are extremely rare as they are very difficult to create. Most specimens in existence today were created hundreds of years ago and can be found in temples, as well in some homes which have kept the Zakti-mani within the family for generations. These families have various stories and legends regarding these items and some ascribe names such as  ‘Tears of Shiva’, or ‘Shiva Stones’. The reality is that these are not naturally created, but created by those skilled in creating them. The skills and knowledge has very much reduced and due to the time and difficulty in creating them they have fallen out of ‘fashion’. We are able to offer the creation of Zakti-Mani by utilising the skills and knowledge possessed by a few people.  When you place your order we will contact you in a few hours to inform you of the wait time for your Zakti-mani. Please be aware that typical wait times are three to six months. If you do not wish to wait then we can cancel the order and  refund your money in full. Cost: $400

Please note we will not be preparing any new Zakti-mani until December 2016.  Please contact us to be added to December’s list.  We currently have seven spaces left for creation to start in December 2016.


[We have been able to gain access again to the location of the crystals after three years. However we are only able to obtain a total of 5 crystals per year] Current stock level: 1 crystal left

We are able to source these large Quartz points which have been left to naturally charge over a minimum of six months (currently they have been charged for three years now as we were unable to gain access) at a high energy location near the Himalayas. When we receive an order, the crystal point is collected and handled by a cleansed collector who will pack the crystal into a cloth bag. Thereafter it is shipped by air to another location where we make some final checks and package the crystal to its final delivery point. These crystal points can be kept in the home to provide excellent positive energies, or they can be used for all kind of spiritual work. Please ensure these crystals are given a special place in the home.

Cost: $1,500 Please contact us to place your order.


If an adult or child is suffering from disturbed sleep then this is an excellent item to place under the bed.  The bed should at first be correctly placed before making use of this device.  It should be placed directly under the upper part of the body below the bed. This has been created from original Vedic manuscripts and was used by Kings and high officials for restful, and productive sleep.  Among other ingredients the device makes use of a mixture of herbs, powdered precious stones, crystals, along with specific charging rituals. The creation time is approximately one month.

Please inquire about the current cost. This is a special made to order item.  Estimated cost is near to $70-$100

Miruthan Amruthi

This is a prepared homeopathic liquid that is administered at 5 drops per day mixed with spring water.  Used for a number health conditions.  Can also be used mixed with oil for massage to cure a number of muscle and skin related problems.  Prepared from an original Ayurveda prescription (and Tantric texts), along with certain charging procedures.  Dosage period is 6 months.  One bottle will be sufficient for one month (administered 5 drops per day mixed with water).

1 bottle :  $150 & postage costs.  Contact us to order as we will need to advise on timing (liquid can only be prepared during specific months).

Energised pure silver Diwali ingots (50gram pure silver)


Usually given as gifts during Diwali, these are enhanced .999 pure silver ingots sourced from MMTC PAMP. These have undergone a 1001, followed by a 10001 mantra energising process and will bless any home. We have a limited amount of 100 units of these ingots so please order early to avoid disappointment.

Price: $101  Insured Delivery: $20

Yantra, Mantra and Tantrism: A Complete Guide

Published in 2012 this book is now the definitive work on the subject of Yantra, Mantra and Tantrism. Many years of research has yielded the most complete work which has now been added as a standard text at many University’s. Here you will find out everything you need to know with regard to Yantra and the only work to date which mentions Zakti-mani. We are currently shipping signed copies (by the editor) of this work.





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