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July 2015~: Due to fluctuations in prices of certain materials the prices shown may increase by upto 50%. Customers are requested to confirm current prices before placing an order,

Once you have chosen your Yantra use the paypal button to place your order securely via paypal.
We will contact you within a few hours to request your full astrological data. Once this is processed we will be able to provide you with an estimated delivery date. This can vary from a few weeks to a few months as some procedures can only be carried out at specific times of the year.

All Yantra prices include shipping to anywhere in the world. Each Yantra will be provided in a handmade purpose built box, along with extensive instructions on placement and care of the Yantra.

Yantra for Money
This is our most popular Yantra and will not only increase the flow of monetary towards you, but will also prevent the excessive loss of money outward. Cost: $250

Yantra for Health

This Yantra will aid in recovery of all types of health problems. It will also act as a protectorant from health issues which may be an issue in a persons astrological chart. Cost $250

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