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Price changes for 2020: changes to prices have been implemented due to worldwide price changes for raw materials.

Have you wondered why your Yantra doesn’t work? Are thinking about getting a Yantra and have no idea who to trust?

We specialise in providing genuine personalised Yantra.  Each made to order Yantra is created by hand according to ancient Vedic techniques and processes. Our clients range from film actors, politicians, CEO’s, and many more who simply want a solution to a problem.

What makes us unique is that all Yantra are personalised and based upon an individuals Vedic astrological birthchart, which therefore makes our Yantra extremely powerful and will bring the results you desire.  Find out more about Yantra.

Our other services include full Vedic astrological birthcharts, compatability reports and yearly, month by month forecasts. We sometimes are able to supply Zaktimani and if available can be found in our shop.

We are happy to receive questions regarding Yantra or other similar items. Although we cannot guarantee that we would be able to satisfy your request we always conduct detailed discussions of requirements and aim to provide a solution that would be right for you.

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