Prayer Service

Due to some kind monthly donations we are now able to offer a free Prayer service to all those who require it. These prayers include a combination of prayer, meditation and the use of frequency vibration tools for maximum impact. The prayers take place over five days and begin every Sunday. Please read the instructions below to request a free prayer.

Item Price Free

Item Description

Please note that we will be able to manage 5 prayers starting every Sunday.

1: Email Us on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Please write “PRAYER REQUEST” in the subject line. In the main body of the email, you must give us as much information in your request including full names and the outcome which you require.
2: We will email you to confirm acceptance and start date of your prayer. If all 5 slots are full, then we will allocate you the next Sunday slot.

We also kindly request not to send the same request multiple times.


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