Charged energy crystals

We have been able to gain access again to the location of the crystals after three years. However we are only able to obtain a total of 5 crystals per year.  These are now considered extremely rare.

Item Price $1,500.00

Item Description

These large Quartz points have been left to naturally charge over a minimum of six months (current stock have been charged for three years now) at a high energy location near the Himalayas. When we receive an order, the crystal point is collected and handled by a cleansed collector who will pack the crystal into a cloth bag. Thereafter it is shipped by air to another location where we make some final checks and package the crystal to its final delivery point. These crystal points can be kept in the home to provide intense positive energies, or they can be used for all kind of spiritual work. Please ensure these crystals are given a special place in the home. Contact us for further advice.