The Zakti-mani

Zakti-mani are extremely rare as they are very difficult to create. Please read the information below which explains the creation and ordering process.

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Item Description

Most specimens in existence today were created hundreds of years ago and can be found in temples, as well in some homes which have kept the Zakti-mani within the family for generations. These families have various stories and legends regarding these items and some ascribe names such as ‘Tears of Shiva’, or ‘Shiva Stones’.

The reality is that these are not naturally created, but created by those skilled in creating them. The skills and knowledge has very much reduced and due to the time and difficulty in creating them they have fallen out of ‘fashion’.

We are able to offer the creation of Zakti-Mani by utilising the skills and knowledge possessed by a few people. When you place your order we will contact you in a few hours to inform you of the wait time for your Zakti-mani. Please be aware that typical wait times are three to six months. If you do not wish to wait then we can cancel the order and refund your money in full.


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