About Yantra

Traditionally, the term Yantra has been applied to the use of symbols in the form of specific geometric designs, or use of Sanskrit letters/words inscribed on to objects to bring about certain effects.

These effects can be positive such as increasing the flow of money, enhancing health, or assisting with better harmonious relationships. Yantra can also be used to direct negative energy to cause harm.  We do not deal with these type of Yantra.

Every part of a true Yantra creation will involve various processes and decisions, such as the metals used, the way symbols are placed, right down to specific days, time and hour that certain steps are carried out.  The end result is a powerful Yantra which when carried by the person whom the Yantra was made for, bestows benefits such as attraction of  money, or to bring better health.

Further information can be obtained from the book : Yantra, Mantra and Tantrism available from our shop.