Vedic Lottery strategy

We have invested 4 years decoding a lottery strategy based on Vedic mathematics. The origins come from an individual from Jaipur who had been working over a number of years to understand Vedic lottery strategies.

He had made a large number of personal notes and left these in the care of another and moved away. The notes consisted of various formula’s and codes which required a lot of work to decode, understand and test.

We are now at the stage of being able to play the lottery with ZERO LOSS. We are now offering everyone a chance to take part in this risk free Vedic lottery system.

How it works

Purchase a package [runs for three months]. After 3 months your package price is returned along with lottery winnings.

We require 3 month cycles to run the strategy due to the link with the lunar and other planetary phases. This means that any money received will be returned in 3 months along with lottery winnings.

The minimum package is only 10 dollars to enable everyone to try the system.

Are you ready to experience the joy of Vedic mathematics to win the lottery? If so please select your payment package below. Please note that we have limited slots per 3 month cycle- -so check the status below:


Package 1: $10: Current status: OPEN

Package 2: $50: Current status: OPEN

Package 3: $100: Current status: OPEN

Package 4: $500: Current status: OPEN

Package 5: $1000: Current status: OPEN

Package 6: $2000: Current status CLOSED